pywinauto is a GUI automation library written in pure Python and well developed for Windows GUI. At its simplest it allows you to send mouse and keyboard actions to dialogs and controls on both Windows and Linux, while more complex text-based actions are supported on Windows only so far (Linux AT-SPI support is under development).

pywinauto 0.6.0 (Oct, 31) and 0.6.1 (Feb, 08)

  • This big release introduces MS UI Automation (UIA) support (WinForms, WPF, Qt, browsers, Store apps and more).
  • Documentation is built continuously now on ReadTheDocs. See also our improved Getting Started Guide
  • Modules keyboard and mouse can be used out of any window context now. And they work on Linux as well!
  • Multi-backend architecture allows to add new platforms support. Just implement two classes and register your backend!
  • Code style is much closer to PEP8: ClickInput -> click_input. Though backend='win32' is ~80% backward compatible with pywinauto 0.5.4.
  • Initial implementation of the win32_hooks module. Keyboard events (a.k.a hotkeys) and mouse actions handlers can be registered in the system. Example:


It is simple and the resulting scripts are very readable. How simple?

from pywinauto.application import Application
# Run a target application
app = Application().start("notepad.exe")
# Select a menu item
app.UntitledNotepad.menu_select("Help->About Notepad")
# Click on a button
# Type a text string
app.UntitledNotepad.Edit.type_keys("pywinauto Works!", with_spaces = True)


  • Just run pip install --upgrade pywinauto (Py2.7+, Py3.3+)

or follow manual steps (if pip installation is not available due to your network restrictions):

or install on Linux:

  • six
  • python-xlib
  • Run python install for every dependency and for pywinauto package

Supported controls

  • Standard Win32 controls (through Win32 API): MFC, WTL, VB6 and some other legacy apps, partial support for WinForms
  • All standard widgets under MS UI Automation: WinForms, WPF, Qt, all browsers, explorer.exe and more (pywinauto 0.6.0+)


Here is a short screencast with Pywinauto in action:

Notepad.exe automation example

A brand new team logo.

logo This is the new team icon. Thanks, Anna, who created the icon for the team, cat Walter. PS: Logo for the pywinauto library is still wanted.